ePlus Systems Pi Day and 8th Anniversary

ePlus 8th piDay anniversary

ePlus Systems Ltd is celebrating 8th anniversary. Founded on Pi day 8 years ago we succeed to build strong company with partners all around the world.

Ours strong innovative corporate culture gave us vision and strength to work and build most advanced technologies and solutions. Ours team became Internet Of  Thing (IoT) pioneer and leader while building  xCube International (iStreetLight) smart city hardware and software platform [www.xcube.us].

We are moving forward with enhanced product line and new branding. It is great to know that ours technology, products and brands were inspiration for many individuals and organizations worldwide. So strong inspiration that few of them started using ours brands, concepts and solutions as own. In order to move forward with fresh, new energy ours decision is to move forward with new, unique branding.

[ Positronic intelligence solutions™]