System Integration

integration1 In today’s connected world, the role of system integration engineers is important: more and more systems are designed to connect, both within the system under construction and to systems that are already deployed.

ePlus Systems team has a broad range of skills. These skills are likely to include software, systems and enterprise  architecture, software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, payment protocols, and general problem solving skills. It is likely that the problems to be solved have not been solved before except in the broadest sense.


System integration problems are likely about to include new and challenging problems with an input from a broad range of engineers where the ePlus Systems team <pulls it all together>.




During the year 2016-2017, ePlus Systems team was part of the system integration project run by MasterTeam focused on new generation, intelligent IoT based Cash Deposit Box branded as [dnt.xSafe].
Network of [dnt.xSafe] devices is already on the Serbian [South East Europe] market supporting list of merchants and few banks.

ePlus Systems team was in charge for [dnt.xSafe] IoT modules integration with core bank system, cryptography, and integration with own piTMS for real-time monitoring, reporting and notification system via piSPIN.



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