About Us

Founded in December 2007, ePlus Systems Ltd.  (short name [e+ Systems Ltd.] at Serbian Business Registry Office) team is group of experienced professionals in area of software, financial and telecommunications engineering and consulting. Members of ours team were involved in various national, regional and international projects related to payment industry and telecommunications.

ePlus Systems [ Name variations ]

ePlus Systems Ltd. || e+ Systems d.o.o. || e+ Systems Ltd. || ePlus Systems d.o.o.

ePlus Systems [ Motto ]

Inspired by Isaac Asimov <Robot Series> company motto is:
Positronic intelligence solutions

ePlus Systems [ piDay ]

pi_day_whiteBG_PiWith first working day at office on piDay 3/14/2008, ePlus Systems Ltd. is celebrating piDay as anniversary day. ePlus Systems Ltd. has dedicated logo for piDay. For more details please check out ours branding page.

ePlus Systems [ Mission ]

The mission of ePlus Systems Ltd. [e+ Systems Ltd.] is to make the latest and advanced non-cash payment technologies and solutions available to banks, merchants, mobile operators and service providers in segment of payment and loyalty cards, eTopup, ATMs, eftPOS terminals, eCommerce and mCommerce.

ePlus Systems [ Vision ]

ePlus Systems Ltd. [e+ Systems Ltd.] permanently follows its vision to be a reliable, competent and respectable partner to banks, mobile operators and service providers. ePlus Systems Ltd. is also value-added and cost-effective service provider to merchants, as well as the provider of fast and efficient new technologies implementation in the field of electronic payments.

ePlus Systems [ Software Solutions ]

Every ePlus System Ltd. software solution is equipped with easy-to-use graphical user interface. Our solutions are based on Linux (R) platform, open standards and licence free architecure.

ePlus Systems [ Innovative corporate culture ]

We have team members capable not only to write code in most powerfull programming languages as [Java, C/C++, Erlang] but ready to foresee technological trends and to design solutions for the future time to come. As result we are proud innovators and pioneers in IoT (Internet of Things) arena behind xCube International Corp. [www.xcube.us].